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Tinker is a tastemaker with her ear tuned to the freshest sonic frequencies of tomorrow. An innovative producer, DJ, and performer, she is gaining worldwide attention for her original, melodic take on instrumental hip-hop and beat-driven bass music. Hailing from the Bay Area, Berlin, and beyond, she has energized hundreds of dancefloors across multiple continents. She’s aptly nicknamed the “Galaxy Beat Girl” and is an influential player in the “Future Beats” scene.

Tinker’s sound stands at the eclectic intersection of hip-hop, post-Dilla beats, dubstep, glitch, 8-bit, global bass, and half a dozen other electronic dance music genres. Performing with Ableton and a trusty controller, she has a super hands-on, playful approach to her live shows - triggering samples, cutting up complex drum loops, and rearranging tracks on the fly. She consistently delights dancefloors with some seriously next-level beats, layering in lush sonics, bleeps and bloops, galactic-bombastic synths, and a healthy dose of glitched-out madness. Tinker injects femininity into her music and performances – a refreshing perspective in a scene so often dominated by masculine energy. By using the sounds of speak ‘n spells, 80s videogames, and otherworldly samples, her sense of humor always shines brightly. One blissed-out fan called her style “the soundtrack to my dreams”.

With a background in piano, percussion and voice, Tinker got her feet wet throwing events in the Colorado rave scene of the mid-90s, and helped found the Chicago fire-dance troupe Wildfire. She has toured Bali with electronic/gamelan fusion group Gamelan X, and over the last decade curated the music of some of the Bay Area’s most boundary-pushing events - from lively undergrounds
 to 10,000 person festivals in NASA aircraft hangers.

Tinker has dazzled crowds at festivals, including Symbiosis, Fusion, and Burning Man. She’s played many raucous club nights throughout the world, with shows in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Hawaii, Berlin, Belfast, Dublin, London, Croatia, Bristol and Edinburgh. She has performed alongside many of the world’s most influential, genre-bending artists including Tipper, Little Dragon, Milosh, James Blake, Robot Koch, Kuedo, Disrupt, Beats Antique, Mount Kimbie, Lazer Sword, Take, Mike Slott, Anenon, The Glitch Mob, Eprom, Boxcutter, Mary Anne Hobbs, Thriftworks, Submerse, LV, Ikonika, Mux Mool, and Fulgeance.

Tinker is currently headquartered in Oakland, California and is working on her debut EP of original Future Beat productions. She also has a few collaborations in the works for the coming year, so keep this Galaxy Beat Girl on your radar!


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